Alopecia: 3 Vital Steps to Stop Hair Loss in Weeks - Proven!

By Steve C Charles 
Hair loss is on the increase. Generally speaking in the past, the problem of losing hair was mainly 'an old man's' problem but research shows that these days every age group of both sexes does not escape the increasing problem of alopecia.
Furthermore, it is widely believed that almost one out of every six people will have problems at some stage in their life with excessive hair fall, which, if not treated correctly will lead onto complete baldness: And make no mistake about it that really does include men and women of all ages. Not just old men.
So just what is a person supposed to do about this very disturbing, and often depressing, situation of when they first look in the mirror and realise that their hair is starting to fall out and that the condition and appearance of their 'crowning glory' isn't exactly how it used to be even a short while ago?
Well the usual thing is go visit the local doctor who, as sympathetic as he may be, really will not have the first clue on how to deal with the problem. He may give some vague advice or reason that if your parents suffered with baldness then it's a case of c'est la vie. He may even recommend a trip to a so called expert who will merely try and push the latest off the shelf chemically formulated product that most times will do more harm than good. So the modern medical trip is not a good idea at best, and could even make your hair problem worse.
But, the good news is that there are some simple yet highly effective steps you can take that will almost halt hair fall in its tracks. These steps have nothing to do with modern medicine or products designed to restore lost hair providing you are prepared to use them for the rest of your life. Who needs that?
Here are three simple steps that will not only halt hair loss in weeks but will actually promote new and permanent hair growth in months; a natural, organic and proven formula that has been tested and approved by doctors.
  1. Dump all the chemically formulated high street hair products - They cause so much damage to the condition of the hair and follicle
  2. Replace those harmful shampoos, gels and moisturizers with naturally made ones that actually feed the hair and promote new hair growth
  3. Start the hair regrowth process from within. Cleanse your colon otherwise no step you take will have the slightest effect. Until your colon is functioning correctly no beneficial nutrients will be able to enter the blood stream and feed your scalp.
Obviously there is far more to the regeneration process than that but doing those 3 simple steps will give amazing benefits in double quick time.

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