Advice As to When is the Best Time to Conceive a Boy

Couples who are attempting to try and conceive a boy may not realize that it is much easier than they think. Plenty of studies have been carried out and certainly these clearly show that the chances for a couple to have a boy rather than a girl are very high indeed. But one way of increasing these chances further for them is to learn about when is the best time to conceive a boy.
There are certain techniques that one can try and which will further boost the chances of a couple when trying to conceive a boy rather than a girl. In this article we look at just a couple of the methods a couple may want to consider using when attempting to have a baby boy. In both of the methods we discuss in the article we explain when is the best time to conceive a boy.
Method 1 - Shettles Method
With this particular technique the aim is to allow the sperm carrying the Y chromosomes in it to reach the egg before the one carrying the X chromosomes can. As the sperm carrying the Y chromosomes move much faster than the sperm carrying the X chromosomes this needs to be taken into consideration when trying to conceive a boy.
In his book "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby: The Method Best Supported by Scientific Evidence" by Dr Shettles, he recommends that couples should have intercourse within 24 hours of the woman beginning to ovulate. Plus he also recommends that intercourse should not take less than 12 hours past the woman's ovulation period.
Along with providing definitive times when it would be best to have intercourse for a couple wishing to conceive a baby boy, Dr Shettle also recommends that when intercourse takes place the man penetrates the woman as deeply as he can. This way the more aggressive Y chromosomes sperm is closer to the cervix and so is in a position that places them closer to the egg in order to fertilize it.
Method 2 - The Whelan Method
This method was devised by Dr Whelan as she wanted to disprove the method mentioned above. If a couple want to have a boy then she feels that having intercourse during the early part of a woman's monthly cycle is crucial. In research carried out it has been found that 68% of the time those couples trying to conceive a baby boy have been able to do so following her method.
When it does come to finding out about when is the best time to conceive a boy there are different opinions and techniques that couples will hear about. Although not all these do help couples to achieve what they want some have. For some couples when the made changes to their diet which meant the eating more red meat and salty snacks this helped. Whilst for some other couples they tried the technique where before having intercourse the man drank coffee and this helped them to conceive a boy rather than a girl.

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