Adding New Bodybuilding Exercises to Your Workout

Sometimes it seems like the only bodybuilding exercises that we perform are the ones we have known about for years. They are the pillars of any successful workout, exercises like the bench press, the squat and the dead lift. While these moves are fantastic for building strength and size, any workout is bound to get boring if you don't change things up. That's why it's so important to include new, fresh bodybuilding exercises into your routine, even if they are just twists on those old classics.
To begin with, you have to understand why it's important to keep things fresh. Of course from a mental perspective, going into every training session with the exact same workout in mind is going to become repetitive and tiring. Your mind needs to have new diversions to work with, and the same old routines aren't going to get it done. You will find that you have trouble getting "up" for your workouts, and that your performance suffers.
Additionally, your muscles will actually suffer from the same repetitive fatigue. Muscles respond best to new stimuli. In other words, when something new happens to those muscles, and they couldn't handle it or could barely handle it, they are forced to respond by repairing themselves stronger and larger than before. But if they get used to the same thing every workout, they will stop responding because they know what's coming. Therefore, variation is the key with bodybuilding exercises.
As mentioned, even small tweaks or different variations of the classics will suffice if you don't want to try anything wildly different. For example, for a few weeks replace your squats with goblet squats. These are performed by holding a heavy dumbbell at chest level in front of your body, using both hands to support the weight as if you were holding a giant goblet. Squat all the way down until your butt is just a few inches from the floor and then explode up. Your legs and glutes will respond to this new exercise and then in a few weeks you can go back to standard squats if you like.
If you always perform the flat bench press with your workout, you can create a few new bodybuilding exercises just by changing your angle of perspective, literally. Use an incline bench to perform incline presses, which have more of a focus on your upper pectorals and your shoulders. Or use a decline bench to perform decline bench presses which target more of your lower chest. Either way it will be a welcome change of pace for your routine and now you will have three variations that can be interchanged when you workout.
These are just a few of the simple changes and adjustments that you can make with your bodybuilding exercises to produce maximum results. Don't forget, your body and your mind can both become bored of your workout. So change things up, make some tweaks to your routine and give yourself something new to work with.

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