Abdominal and Cardio Exercise Machine Advertised on TV

Expert Author Johnny Palmer
TV is great isn't it? You don't even have to go to a shop to get conned into buying crap you don't need, you can do it from your very own couch!
Exercise machines of all shapes and sizes are sold through infomercials to the unknowing customer, but why do most pro body builders, athletes, fitness models and celebrities use free weights such as dumbbells and barbells? Are they mis-informed?
The truth is, they are well informed. They pay humongous dollars to get a trainer that DOESN'T try and sell them some useless ab machine or fat burning piece of equipment.
They pay mega-bucks to get told that they need to lift some weights to get lean, sexy muscle instead of pumping away on a leg machine that does no good.
The consumer is mis-informed.
That is you.
You see these ads on t.v and think that if it's on t.v it must work, plus it has a money back guarantee. However you fail to know a few basic statistics principles that the manufacturers know. Most people who buy something will never return it, even if it doesn't live up to its claim. Most people will forget about it. Most people will try it on the odd occasion and think they had better keep it to get fit for summer.
Most of these machines are baloney. They will no more lose fat from your body than they will send you to the moon. I am not saying all fitness equipment is crap, but most of it is junk. It is sold by a hot guy with big muscles and abs, and a hot blonde girl with a sexy body.
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