7 Easy Steps To Starting A Kennel Business

Starting a kennel business is a smart move for the avid dog lover who wishes to turn their passion for pets into profits. And while any business endeavor has its inherent pitfalls, entrepreneurs (novice or experienced) must be mindful of the specialized details that the kennel business entails. The dog kennel service is a billion dollar industry, however (at the risk of sounding too obvious), the sights, sounds and smells of kennel life (day-in and day-out) may be poorly suited for those who are not fond of 'man's best friend'.
The increasing number of dog-owners who need assistance in caring for their dog(s) provide a great opportunity for opening a kennel business, and as kennels become more stylized with extra amenities & additional services, its growing popularity among pet owners generate more revenue.
1) To begin, take the hands-on approach first. If you have friends and family with pets, offer to pet-sit for them. Assuming all safety precaution are addressed, handling particularly unruly pets will give you an idea of the level of patience you will need to succeed in the kennel business.
2) Your next step is location. If you are planning to house legions of dogs that will need to be active, you will need to set-up shop in a large area that complies with zoning laws; so, acquaint yourself with the building & zoning restrictions in any area that interests you; also, check to see if a kennel license is required prior to running your business (visit your City Hall or local zoning office).
3) The next step would be to network with your local veterinarians to learn and establish emergency protocols for injured dogs. Not only is this a smart move from a practical standpoint, but future clients will undoubtedly inquire about your protocol & medical back-up in the event of an emergency. Also, if you wish to build an efficient & safe facility, it is strongly recommended that you factor-in a veterinarian's input, as it will save you from a lot of legal trouble resulting from poorly handled emergency situations.
4) You will have to determine if you want to be an independent business, or part of a kennel franchise. A franchise is a well-establish company that shares their revenue with smaller entrepreneurs who wish to capitalize off of their bigger brand name and notoriety; this has its advantages, but since you will be subjected to their corporate culture, your due diligence will help you conclude how much entrepreneurial freedom you are willing to give up; so, take care that you make special efforts to fully understand their rules & corporate philosophy.
5) If you opt for independent ownership, protect your assets from damage with an insurance policy; then you must strongly consider protecting yourself from personal liabilities that may result from unforeseeable events; if someone files a lawsuit against you (for what occurred on the business-premises), you may want to create your company under a business structure that confines all lawsuit charges to your business - and not you, personally. Consult a corporate attorney or a tax strategist to help you decide which business structure provides your company with the best legal protection.
6) Starting a business can be quite intimidating, and, too often, the fear of uncertainty can be your biggest enemy. So, the next critical step is creating a business plan. If you want to make a certain amount of money within a certain time-frame, the speed of your success depends on a well though-out business plan. Give yourself the gift of certainty by scheduling your success.
7) Now that your ducks are in a row, it's time to tell the world about it - advertise. You can even get the veterinarians to help you spread the word by having them refer their clients to you. In this day & age of web 2.0, technology is geared towards connecting people instantaneously; and if you have an established presence on social media sites, finding and befriending potential customers can easily be achieved at no cost at all.
You now have the blueprint to start your own kennel business. The kennel business is a booming industry - even during the times of a recession; even the real estate needed for a kennel can be bought at bargain prices. So, if you take all the steps, legally protect yourself and create a business plan - you will be poised to reap the benefits of this billion dollar industry.

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