5 Steps To Lose Weight Permanently

Are you tired of constantly facing frustration with your efforts of losing weight, and swinging between phases of weight loss and weight gain? It is time for you to sit back and think for a minute. I can assure you that you haven't been consistently following at least 2 or more of the 5 crucial weight loss steps described below. You need to understand what they are, and begin with them right away!
Step 1: Stop Seeking Short Cuts
Sure, that fancy diet plan that strictly regulates every meal and drastically cuts down your consumption of carbohydrates, will help you lose weight quickly. However, it will also slow down your body's metabolism, make you feel tired and lethargic and can cause nutritional imbalances.
The worst part is that the moment you get back to a normal diet, you will put on all that weight back, because your body with its slower metabolism is no longer able to burn the calories from a normal meal. So, stop looking for a magic pill, diet or drink. There are no magic recipes for weight loss and no substitutes for a disciplined approach and proper plan.
Step 2: Stop drifting and set a goal!
A lot of people proclaim that they want to lose weight, but have no specific goals or plan in place That kind of half-hearted effort can only last for a few days.
What you need is a constructive target, like losing 12 pounds by the time summer comes around. Then, you need to divide that target into achievable short-term weight loss goals. How about starting with losing one pound in the first ten days? For this, you will need to burn about 300 calories more than you consume in a day.
Step 3: Pick Up a Sport or a Fun Exercise
Were you one of those who thought that nothing works for fitness like a gym? You got it wrong. To lose weight fast, what your body needs is consistent exercise, it does not care if you get it in a gym or anywhere else! If you go all out for 5 days, and then end up grudging and fearing a workout, it won't help you in the least. It is better if you pick up something fun and enjoyable, like a sport, jogging or cycling, and join a group of like-minded people. You will enjoy your effort, feel motivated, burn A LOT OF calories, and then you can always build on it.
Step 4: Discard The Junk, But Slowly...
Love your alcohol, sweets, burger and fries, sundaes? You already know that these things will disrupt your weight loss goals, but if you promise yourself you will never touch a sweet again, you are setting yourself up for stress and frustration!
You needn't go that extreme. Even if you can cut down your consumption by half, you will have made a BIG change. So, if you have a burger five days a week, cut it down to two days, to begin with. Then, when the change has set in, you can bring it down to an occasional treat. A lot of people give themselves a 'treat' meal every week, like a reward for sticking to a healthy diet.
Step 5: Bring In Healthy Food
So, if you are not eating junk food, where do you get your calories from? Healthy food, where else, if you really want to lose weight fast! Bring in the fruits and veggies, wholesome meals, lots of water, and lean proteins, which are obtained from lean meats, milk products, egg white, beans and whole grains.
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