5 Best Abdominal Exercises to Carve Flat Abs Within Just 3 Weeks

Does there exist best abdominal exercises that can make your abs flat in just a short period of 3 weeks? It sounds too good to be true. But it is true that with the regular workout of these best abdominal exercises you are more likely to see your abs being flat in just 3 weeks from now. Read more to learn about these best abdominal exercises.
These exercises are best to develop a flat abs in a short time. They do not require any special equipment and can be done even at home. However if you are obese, you need to reduce your body fat through diet and then consult your physician before venturing into any abs workout. Nevertheless, whatever your current weight is, you will see substantial result in less than 3 weeks following these best abdominal exercises.
Note: Do the following exercises a minimum of 5-6 days a week to a see a desired result in less than 21 days. With consistency and determination you will it's amazing effect in just 2 weeks time.
1. Side Plank
· Lie down on your side with your right elbow supporting your body above the ground.
· Now lift your body sideways. Make sure your body is in one line without any bends and arches.
· Your left hand should be either straight in line with your body or facing the sky. Make sure your left hand should not be on your waist.
· Hold this position for 30-60 seconds and repeat 3-4 times with both right & left elbow.
2. The Bicycle exercise
· Lie down on the floor facing upside and place your hand behind your head.
· Lift your shoulder blades without pulling your neck.
· Bring your left knee above and try touching your chest.
· Straighten your left leg at an angle of 45° and try to touch your left knee with your right elbow and vice versa.
· Keep repeating the process for about 12-16 times.
3. Naukasana Yoga
· Lie flat on the ground, with your back on the floor.
· Raise your upper body and legs simultaneously to an angle of 30 degrees to form a V-shape. Hold the posture for 30-40 seconds and contract your upper and lower abs.
· Repeat this exercise for 5-6 times initially and increase to 10 times or more.
4. Lying Trunk Twist
· Lie flat on your back with both hands extended out to the sides and your palm facing the sky.
· Your knees should be pulled over your chest. Place a ball between your knees (optional).
· Contract your abs and twist your hips to the right, getting your right knee towards the ground but not touching it.
· Hold this position for a few seconds making sure your shoulders, hands and abdominal region remain stable.
· Now slowly use your back to get your knees back to the starting position.
· Repeat the same process on your left side.
· Do this 4-5 times on either side.
5. Hanging Knee Raise
· Begin hanging from the bar with your arms straight.
· Bring knees up with hip flexed at approximately 90 degree.
· Slowly lower legs, ensuring rest of the upper body remains stable.
· Repeat the exercise for 5-6 times.

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