4 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

Did you drink enough water today? Why is it so important to maintain the levels of water in our bodies? Water can help your body systems properly function. Most people today are not aware about this. There are many here among us prefer to drink flavored water than plain. These are a few things you should know why having enough water is essential for our bodies.
1. Remove Toxins. There are many chemical reactions that are happening inside our body. Toxin waste usually produced during the process. The accumulation of these toxins can affect your health. Your body needs water to remove these harmful toxins. This detoxification process takes place in kidney. If you drink enough water you actually help your kidneys effectively flush out toxins out of your body.
2. Give You Energy. If you are an active person, always sweat. Your body water is routinely lost via perspiration. Drinking water will replace the lost water and avoid dehydration. Insufficient daily water intake can makes you feel weak and lack of energy. Some research also shows that water can give you instant energy better than any other food or beverages. It is because dissolved oxygen content in the water essential to our blood circulation. Not only is your brain uses 20% of the oxygen that enters your bloodstream, this also means that drink more water good for the brain.
3. Regulate Body Temperature. What will you do when your body feeling hot other than lay down in front of the fan? I am sure you will be going to take a bath. Take a bath only cool you down from outside. You need to drink enough water to cool you down from inside. Water responsible to regulate your body temperature. To prevent your body easily get hot, make sure you consumed enough water.
4. Burn More Fat. We know muscle burned most of our body fat. We also already know that protein build muscles. Protein are build through the process called protein synthesis. Protein synthesis occurs only when enough water is available. In simple words, you need more protein to burn fat, to build more protein you need enough water. If you are trying to lose weight you should start by drinking more water first.
Water available almost every place in the world. Some place it is free and unlimited. So, drink enough water should not be a problem. Water plays important roles in our bodies. We should start taking care of our bodies today, by drink more plain water instead of flavoured and carbonated drinks.

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