3 Best Diet Journal Tips to Lose Weight Super Fast

When it comes to journaling your diet, putting this into practice by creating a brilliant diet journal will inspire you even further, making losing weight that much easier.
Below are considered probably the top 3 motivational dieting tips to add to your diet journal:
1. Diarize your thoughts and feelings:
This is very important and while it may come across as slight self-absorbing, it's important to be critical of your thoughts as in these emotions lies the answer to resolving any issues you may have, plus it also helps you understand the way you were dieting and the way you can change your diet for the long-term.
Take for example when you're feeling sad or lonely and at what time in the day, do you consume more food when you have these feelings as your diet plan will reveal.
If so you need to address these states of emotion and how they can be turned into a positive.
Consider hanging out and catching up with your friends more, or doing something new.
One great place for meeting new folks who have similar interests in your location is meetup.com.
May be it's astrology or animals that you have a fond interest in. This is just one website that you can use to your advantage and develop new friendships and advance your interests.
If however you feel you may need some professional help, don't be afraid to approach your local medical practitioner for advice.
2. Takedown number of Kg's you've lifted each session:
You should take down the amount in weight you've lifted each session and the amounts of reps you've completed.
This is important because you may find that you are now lifting more weights than you previously were, which means your muscle glycogen levels have increased, but you may find that you haven't in fact lost any weight.
Do not worry - the reasons for this are 2 fold.
a. It means that you've gained more leaner muscle mass - you are toning up!
b. A lean muscle mass means you will stay leaner for much longer, making putting on weight that much harder.
3. Take lots of pictures and print them out:
There's nothing like looking at how you looked a week ago and how you look now.
It may sound like a week won't reflect that much, but only we ourselves can see the little positive changes our body is undergoing.
Make sure you do this from the very start and it will provide endless inspiration.

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